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Involved in damage surveys, worksite planning, follow-up inspections or forest management plans?

Drones are able to quickly provide you with an overview from above, and with Global Forester you’re also able to see (in addition to the detailed overview) where the drone is located, property boundaries, compartments* and worksite instructions* so that you can easily navigate. Rapid Orthophoto ensures you have a current picture to base your work on.

Global Forester is easy to use. Just draw an area in the map and press "Start" and Global Forester will fly the drone for you and automatically create a Rapid Orthophoto, without you having to lift a finger.

*) requires connection to the company's planning and operating system.

Identify damage 10x faster

Rapid Orthophoto with Global Forester is the most effective way to work!

In 10 minutes you’ll have covered 60 hectares and have a fresh Rapid Orthophoto available in your tablet or phone, meaning you’ll spend just 10-15 seconds per hectare! Usually you have a fresh Rapid Orthophoto based on newly taken photos even before the drone has landed. From here you can choose to immediately start drawing observations based on the Rapid Orthophoto or wait for a later opportunity.

Global Forester simply lets you plan your work as it suits you.

1000 hectares in a day

Do you have large areas to survey? Or a lack of time? No problem! With Rapid Orthophoto you can cover 1000 hectares in one day! The drone flies at 40 km/h, 110 m above the ground. Rocky terrain, steep hills, streams, bogs, windthrows, deep snow or everything at once - the drone flies unhindered over everything.

Images are then transferred wirelessly from the drone to the Global Forester. Forget the hassle of small and fragile memory cards that are easily lost. Everything is designed to be easy to work with so that your focus can remain on the task at hand.

Collaborate effectively

In Global Forester, all registered information is uploaded to the cloud automatically. Simple, convenient and safe. The information is made available on all the devices where you have the app installed. Information such as observations and Rapid Orthophotos are also visible to those you work with.

Collaborating has never been easier. Example:

  • one person operates the drone in the field and creates Rapid Orthophotos.
  • a second person sits in the office and registers windthrows using the Rapid Orthophotos.
  • a third person operates the harvester and receives direct updates on the position of the windthrows in the map, as well as the Rapid Orthophotos showing where the windthrows are located in the terrain.

Prepared for forest companies

Global Forester is built for quick and easy adoption. The time from decision on implementation until the system is in the hands of those who survey, do worksite planning, create forestry plans or work with follow-up is short.

First of all, the application is easy to learn and easy to use. It is downloaded from the App Store and runs on iPad or iPhone. The drones that are supported range from simpler to more advanced models from DJI. Global Forester is also a cloud service that connects users and stores information in a safe and worry-free way. The cloud service acts as the hub between Global Forester and the systems you use today.

But it's not just the technology that is prepared - we also offer a kickstart process for you to get started quickly and smoothly. The kickstart process takes you from the first step until you take full advantage of the Global Forester and drones in your daily work.

The forest systems you use today can be connected directly to Global Forester via an API.

Forestry plans, worksite instructions and other information are read from your existing systems. Supported standards include ArcGIS REST, WMS, WM-TS, WFS and GeoPackage.

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